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Perfect Storm for Fuel Poverty

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire warns of perfect storm of fuel poverty as energy bills increase in October and Universal Credit is cut by £1040 a year.

  • Posted On: 9 September 2021
  Warm and Well in North Yorkshire is warning that come October, fuel poverty is expected to surge across North Yorkshire due to a combination of the loss of the £20 uplift to Universal Credit and a rise in energy bills. The government recently confirmed that the £20 uplift will come to an end on September 30th of this year despite pleas from local and national charities such as Citizens Advice to support families further. In addition to this it has been confirmed that...

The Great Big Green Week

A national week of events celebrating action on climate change

  • Posted On: 6 September 2021
We are pleased to announce that Warm & Well in North Yorkshire are taking part in: THE GREAT BIG GREEN WEEK  18-26 SEPTEMBER 2021   In September communities across the country will join together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK, and everyone’s invited!   Warm & Well in North Yorkshire will be taking part in various events during the week plus additional events in October (see...

Ban on Bulbs

Sales of halogen lightbulbs are to be banned in the UK from 1st September, with fluorescent lights to follow, under government climate change plans.

  • Posted On: 13 August 2021
The move will save a massive 1.26 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year and deliver consumers savings, officials say. Legislation for the plan is being brought forward this month by the government.   The plan will help continue the shift to low-energy LED lightbulbs, which account for about two-thirds of lights now sold in Britain.   Halogen bulbs use approximately five times the amount of energy than LED bulbs. The aim of the ban is to cut...

Warm & Well welcomes Emily to the team!

A big welcome to Emily, who has recently joined the Warm & Well team!

  • Posted On: 9 August 2021
Emily is based in our Northallerton office and comes from a background in academia as a trained Sociologist.   Emily first started with the adviceline team at Citizens Advice, and it wasn’t long before her interest in sustainability and energy efficiency brought her to the energy team at the Warm & Well in North Yorkshire Project.   With a PhD recently completed, our newest member of the team also has a beautiful ragdoll kitten called Jasmine and enjoys cross...

Warm Home Discount Applications Open

Don’t miss your chance to apply for Warm Home Discount

  • Posted On: 6 August 2021
Warm Home Discount is a £140 payment applied directly to your bills to help with the cost of energy over the winter months. It is paid sometime between October and April and is usually added to the electricity account. Eligibility for the discount depends on your situation and the energy supplier you are with. Some people do not need to apply, while other customers will need to apply directly to their energy provider. You can find out more by contacting your energy supplier, or by...